Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bob Bennett, At It Again

You may remember that Utah Junior Senator Bob Bennett recently wrote a book about his faith to garner up support before the 2010 election. Shameful.
Well now he wants to take $5 Million from our fighting soldiers and give it to a little company in Utah who he may have ties to to make video scrapbooks for the troops.
A cousin of his is a former Miss Utah (Sharlene Wells Hawkes), who with her prominence, has lobbied on behalf of this company for the $5 Million, is also the Executive Vice President of the company.
This company has made these video scrapbooks before for a branch of the Armed Services and it was funded by donations and the like.
What is Bob and Sharlene thinking? I think these actions merit a place in Circle Eight. This article calls it treasonous, do you?

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