Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Steve Wynn Outsmarts Social Federalism

Here is a clip of Steve Wynn of Wynn Resorts. He employs around 20,000 people made up of 120,000 families who he insures himself. This guy knows a few things about jobs and business.
Governor Granholm never refutes what Wynn says about government not increased the standard of living of people at anytime in history. She just says well we have Social Security and the minimum wage both of which are not needed and have decreased jobs. What does she know about job creation anyway. She presides over a state with a 200,000 job loss in 2009 which helped with the 15.2% unemployment, which is the highest in the US. And all this with the aid of 3.7 Billion in stimulus money. No one should be taking her seriously. FOX had her on their network just to be fair and balanced but as you will see by this video there was an unbalance in knowledge.
I place the Governor in the Eighth Ring.

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