Monday, October 5, 2009

Too Right To Rock

Conservative values are being pushed out of our townhalls, schools, and now ...bars? That's right, the conservative band Sunset Nation was kicked off the stage 1 October for thier political views.

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Sunset Strip ( - Sunset Nation , a band with conservative political views, says it was banned from the stage at The Whisky on the Sunset Strip. The band says its freedom's been violated while the club's not talking.
Headlining the world-famous Whisky A GO GO is a band's dream gig. Well, maybe not so much for Sunset Nation...
Bryan Ross, Sunset Nation Singer: "I will sue this (bleeping) place for freedom of speech!"
The band says that dream gig because a nightmare when Whisky management pulled the plug on their gig five minutes into a 30-minute set.
A fan shot cell phone video of what happened. In the video, you can hear Sunset Nation singer Bryan Ross reacting from the stage.
Bryan Ross, Sunset Nation Singer: "They pulled the plug. I put the useless microphone on the stage and I persisted at that point on verbally executing Whisky management."
Ross admits to dropping a few F-bombs, but he claims the band got the axe for its conservative point of view.
We contacted The Whisky. Their response... No comment.
Bryan Ross, Sunset Nation Singer: "We're a conservative-minded band and we know in this day and age that's rare."
Call it "patriot rock"... speed-metal that's anthemic, pro-American and hardcore. The band and its fans drape themselves in American flags. Those who paid to see the show were disappointed.
Jessica Marino, Sunset Nation Fan: "Last thing I remember hearing was 'you can love this country so much' and then their sound cut off. I've been to a number of concerts and heard far more offensive things than you can love your country."
Later, after the plug was pulled, police shut down the Strip.
Jessica Marino, Sunset Nation Fan "I don't ever plan on going back there."
Sion Smang, Sunset Nation Bassist: "I was very upset on behalf of the fans that paid ten dollars for the show and they got a five-and-a-half minute spectacle."
Comments on Sunset Nation's MySpace page do show the band is controversial.
For Sunset Nation's Bryan Ross, the issue is as simple as freedom of speech.
Bryan Ross, Sunset Nation Singer: "They effed with the wrong band. Heavy metal and patriotism is alive and well."
Ross is a former school teacher who says that despite the fact that band has both Hispanic and Jewish musicians, the provocative group gets accused of being racist.
He says they're simply political conservatives cranking their amps up to eleven.

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