Thursday, November 19, 2009

Obama To Troops: ‘You Guys Make a Pretty Good Photo-Op’

Here's the video: » Obama To Troops: ‘You Guys Make a Pretty Good Photo-Op’

There he goes again...strayin' from the teleprompter and letting something leak.
The only use he has for the military is to have is picture taken in front of them so that back home the American people think that they all agree with what Obama is doing in the Middle East.

Let me show you who loves the troops and who the troops love.

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Atomic Lib Smasher said...

Even playing devil's advocate, I can't do it here... Our Marines LOVED Bush because Bush respected them and made sure they got what they needed and were well taken care of.

Obama on the other hand..... other than a photo-op, I don't think he truly endears himself to the military that even Bill Clinton did!

And did ya notice at the end of each vid, that Bush went and shook hands with the enlisted Marines, while Obama shakes hands with just the brass. Typical.

I can't wait until 2012.