Friday, December 4, 2009

Mormons Back Gay Rights!

The LDS church has recently endorsed a Salt Lake City ordinance which would ban discrimination against gays in housing and employment. This means that if you own a business you can't not hire someone who is LGBT or not allow them to rent your property because of their orientation. The LDS church has taken a step further to the left than Obama has on the issue.

Keeping a job from someone or a place of residence from someone because of their orientation is wrong. But what if it is good business sense.
Say you ran a conservative religious bookstore. Suppose a flamboyantly gay person, or a cross-dressing person came in to apply for a job. Such a person would make your customers – given their conservative religious views – uncomfortable and less apt to shop in your store. Hiring that person with those characteristics would hurt your business.
Would you still be forbidden by penalty of law from considering those things as you made your hiring decision? I hope not.

Say you had a day care, and a flamboyantly gay person or a cross-dressing person came to you wanting a job. Clearly, such a person would alienate many parents and, consequently, hurt your business. You should be able to refuse them work since it might bankrupt you. Basing the decision on business might be away around this silly law...I would hope.

Probably not though.

Now say you had a gay bar and a heterosexual person came to you seeking employment. If you wanted gay people working in your bar, to make your customers feel more comfortable, you would be completely within your rights to deny that straight person a job.

Common sense and principle still say that creating special rights for specific classes of people is unwise and un-American. Further, this specific set of protections threatens to spread mischief and inequality.

In a country whose founding document claims that “all men are created equal,” the idea of creating special classes of people with special legal protections is simply wrong. Further, the 14th Amendment guarantees equal protection under law, a promise broken by the creation of protected classes of people.

Thanks to Bob L.

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