Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's A Trap!

The HealthCare Reform Summit is being held today.

Watch it live here.

This is all a big ruse to show that the Democrats are the bipartisan party and the Republicans are not.

If The Democrats want bipartisanship, why not allow the Republicans to put what they want about Tort law in the bill and insurance companies being able to compete across state lines? This would, by all accounts, bring costs down and allow most of those who want health care to be able to afford it.

Obama won't cede any part of his agenda and neither will the Democrats. When the Republicans won't agree to any of their budget busting, tax hiking agenda, they will be labeled the "NO Party" in hopes that the American people will not vote Republicans into office in November.

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Nasher said...

So can you help me understand the issue with tort law better? I just don't know enough about law to know why it is a big deal.