Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Death Penalty for Muslims?

In Peoria, Arizona a while back, Faleh Almaleki got into his car and ran over his daughter and his daughter's boyfriend's mother and fled the scene. His daughter, Noor, died shortly after.

The father is now being tried and his lawyer, Billy Little, has requested that he not receive the death penalty.

 The County Attorney's office decided not to seek the death penalty but said that Little had...uh...little to do with the decision.

Said County Attorney Office spokesman Mike Scerbo. "As is in all first degree murder cases, the decision on whether to seek the death penalty is made on a case by case basis. Cultural considerations played no part in the decision not to seek the death penalty."

We have gotten so PC toward Islam and Muslims that we aren't even going to prescribe the death penalty to Muslims who commit premeditated murder.

This was an honor killing. These are common in the Middle Eastern Muslim world. In some Middle Eastern countries there is no penalty for one who commits an honor killing.

Now it looks as if at least one aspect of Middle Eastern Sharia has taken a place in the American Judicial system. This case will be looked to as precedent for future cases.

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