Thursday, February 4, 2010


Senator Inhofe OK. (R) recently says we need to use a person's religion and ethnicity to screen at airports.

Every terrorist has a few things in common that would help us keep attacks to a minimum. Just about every attack on a commercial airliner since 1986 has been committed by foreign-born Muslim men with the same hair color, eye color and skin color and half of them have been named Mohammed.
When we travel by plane we have to submit to humiliating searches at security checkpoints. There we open bags, throw away breast milk, take off our shoes and even allow ourselves to be seen semi naked through a scanner.

I'm ok with most of this stuff if I knew it would deter terrorism but it has not.

We need to search those that fit the profile instead of harassing people who clearly aren't terrorists.

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John Byrnes said...

Last Tuesday, Directors of the CIA, FBI and National Intelligence declared that an attack by Al Qaeda in the next 3 to 6 months “is certain!” Leon Panetta, CIA Director announced, “The biggest threat is not so much that we face an attack like 9/11. It is that Al Qaeda is adapting its methods in ways that oftentimes make it difficult to detect.”
Panetta’s statement does not take into account the ability to identify any terrorist whose goal it is to give up their life for a cause. Only when you are observing measurable emerging aggression can you identify a terrorist before they effect their violence.

The Center for Aggression Management discovered 15 years ago that there were two kinds of aggression: adrenaline-driven Primal Aggression and intent-driven Cognitive Aggression. The Primal Aggressor, in the extreme, is “red-faced and ready to explode,” the Cognitive Aggressor (the terrorist) is not. When a person, regardless of the culture, gender, education or position, rises to the level where their goal is to give up their life for a cause, their body looses animation and we see the “thousand-yard stare.” But it is more than this, the whole body and behavior looses animation and this is how we can identify them. The problem is that security and law enforcement are still looking for the Primal Aggressor (red-faced and ready to explode). Of course they are finding it difficult to detect these terrorist; a terrorist is a Cognitive Aggression; they are looking for the wrong person!

As our Government analyzes what went wrong regarding Abdulmatallab’s entrance into the United States, you can be assured that Al Qaeda is also analyzing how their plans went wrong. Who do you think will figure it out first . . . ?
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