Sunday, March 21, 2010

219 to 212

House Democrats rammed through Obamacare 219 to 212.
No Republicans voted with the socialists.

A slap in the face of God on the Sabbath. Rights come from Him and Him only, not from government. How dare the democrats try to take up the mantle of God and create a right. 

For the first time ever in the history of our country, when this bill is fully operational, you will be forced by our loving government to purchase a product.

With this vote the democrats have committed political suicide for a place in the history books. In November each and every democrat who voted YEA will be voted out of office.

The downfall of the democrats getting voted out of office in November is that Republicans will hold the majority in the Congress in November and Obama will be a one term president for passing this wildly unpopular bill into law. 2014 is when socialized medicine will be fully implemented and when we should all feel the effects of this atrocity, and when the country then goes bankrupt and we all start to see the failure of government-controlled medicine, the Republican-controlled Congress and the Republican President will be blamed for the state of the country by aspiring democraps.

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