Friday, March 19, 2010

Kucinich Caves

Yesterday Dennis Kucinich held a conference in which he said he would be voting for Obama's health care bill.

This came as quite a shock to all who can remember that a few months ago Kucinich signed a document saying that he would not vote for the bill unless it had a public option, which it still does not have.

Earlier this week Obama took Kucinich for a ride on Air Force One.  I wonder what was said on the trip that got Kucinich to change his mind?

The current health care bill will not pass with a public option and the POTUS, Pelosi, and Reid know that, which is why it's not in there. What happened on Air Force One was that Obama promised that he'd eventually add it to the bill when it is law.

Obama didn't commit to a public option in the future but promised to work with him on his "broad concerns."

Obama has been clear that his ultimate goal is a public option:


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