Monday, March 15, 2010

Matt Damon's 'Green Zone' Flops

Green Zone took a dump this last weekend at the box office when on opening weekend it made only $14  million. Yeah that is a lot of money, but not when it cost $100 million plus to make.

This is just another in a list of anti-Iraq war movies to flop in theaters.

Remember Stop-Loss? It bombed (pun intended) too:

Despite favorable reviews, the film was a box office bomb. In its opening weekend, it grossed a mere $4.5 million in 1,291 theaters in the United States and Canada, ranking #8 at the box office. As of June 17, 2008, it has grossed a total of $10.9 million in the United States and Canada and over $16,000 in other territories. The film had an estimated budget of $25 million and only grossed $11 million worldwide, less than half of its budget.

Also there was Lions for Lambs, which according to the New York Times lost $50 million dollars plus.

Next is Rendition, which stunk and was rated by Peter Travers of Rolling Stone magazine as the year's Worst Anti-War Film on his list of the Worst Movies of 2007.

Redacted. This film was largely financed by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. He seems pretty cool, a young millionaire sitting there on the sidelines cheering on his team. Because of his role in financing the film he and the director were labeled as traitors to the United States for the bad light it put the military in.

It cost $5 million to make and brought it at last count $762,252. Ouch.

And In the Valley of Elah. one wants to see you anti-American military movies.

Compare this to the Rambo movies, which, aside from the first one, First Blood, had to do with real world current events. It had a budget of $15 million and a total domestic gross of $47 million.

Part II grossed $300 million worldwide.

Part III grossed $189 million worldwide.

And the last installment took in $113 million.

Even Son of Rambow did better than most of those anti-American flicks!

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