Monday, April 5, 2010

Democrat Hypocrisy: Maxine Waters

Video here.

I dislike Mrs. Waters...a lot. And here are a few reasons:

1. In their 2009 (and 2005 and 2006) report, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington named Maxine one of the most corrupt persons in Congress.

2. On the House Floor, Waters made a few inappropriate remarks and was asked to stop her speaking until the dispute was resolved. She refused and kept right on talking. The Chair kept pounding the gavel but Waters wouldn't shut up. Finally Rep. Robert Walker yelled "get the Mace!" which shut her up.

 3. The LA Times reported in 2004 that Water's friends and relatives made over $1 million dollars over the nect eight years by doing business with companies that Waters helped out.

4. Waters' hubby is a shareholder and former director of OneUnited Bank. Waters put together a meeting between the Treasury Dept. and the bank so that they could beg for federal cash. It worked and OneUnited Bank avoided bankruptcy by acquiring $12 million in TARP funds. This is being investigated right now by the House Ethics Committee.

5. Got in a screaming fight on the House Floor. She wanted an earmark that would put a public school employment training center in LA...and it would be named after her. Appropriations Committee Chairman Dave Obey told her that he would not ok that because it violated the "monuments to me" policy. She yelled, he yelled back. After the yelling was over it was overheard that Waters said "He touched me first."

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