Monday, April 19, 2010

Yes YOU Can!

Our president is always telling us we need to "spread the wealth around" and that we need to have "social justice," and he is even raising taxes on the have's while the have not's pay nothing. It seems that at every turn Obama is telling us the poor need our help.

I have no problem helping out the poor, in fact I think that most don't have a problem donating to a charity or paying a tithe, so long as it's not coerced. It seems that our president does have a problem giving to the poor though.

Obama has a half brother who is living in Kenya. Nothing wrong with that, except that there is. He lives in a shack and lives off of less than a dollar a month! Morally shouldn't Obama be throwing his brother a bone here and there? Half brother or full I think this guy needs some help. Especially since Obama is a millionaire.

And it's not just family Obama turns a blind eye to, but the poor in general. The Obama's released their tax returns the other day and what was found was shocking. They gave just under 6 percent of their $5.5 million joint income to charity. That's it. The Biden's did even worse giving four tenths of one percent.

I think the President should change his motto to "yes YOU can" not "yes WE can."

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