Friday, May 7, 2010

Comedy Central To Make Show That Makes Fun Of Jesus

There is this ongoing debate as to which group is more prone to violence, the Islamic Jihadis or the Christian Fundamentalists. However, sensible people know there is no debate.

To back this up we have Comedy Central. They recently ran a cartoon that depicted Mohammad, the prophet of Islam, as a bear. Days later the creators of the cartoon had a fatwa placed on them. So Comedy Central said sorry and they have promised to not depict Mohammad again, as a bear or otherwise.

Weeks later Comedy Cental releases a list of shows that they are working on. One of them is called "JC." (Can you guess what it stands for?) It is a half-hour animated show about JC (Jesus Christ) wanting to escape his father's enormous shadow and to live life in NYC as a regular guy.  A lot has changed in 2000 years and he is the ultimate fish out of water.  Meanwhile his all-powerful yet apathetic father would rather be playing video games than listening to JC recount his life in the city.  JC is a playful take on religion and society with a sprinkle of dumb.  Executive produced by Reveille ("The Office"), Henrik Basin, Brian Boyle ("American Dad"), Jonathan Sjoberg and Andreas Ohman.

If Christians had the same proclivity to violence as Jihadists, then why has Comedy Central decided to offend Christians and not Muslims? 
Shame on Comedy Central.

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