Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dems and Reps and Scandals

It has been reported that Republican Rep. Souder had an affair with a female staffer and has announced his resignation today because of it.

Also being covered is the story that the A.G. for Connecticut, who is running for Chris Dodd's Senate seat, lied about serving in the Vietnam War. Seams weird that a lawyer, who is trained to not have loose words claims that he slipped up when he spoke. Anyway, he will not be stepping down.

All we hear is excuse after excuse from the Democrats when there is scandal or lies. Atleast when a Republican screws up he realized he's unfit for office and leaves.

Larry Craig, Jack Ryan, Mark Foley, George Allen and Tom Delay were all Republicans and all left office...for sex scandals...in which no one had sex (except Souder)

Now for the Democrats: Ted Kennedy killed a girl, Clinton had Lewinsky, Sandy Berger stole classified 9/11 documents and Barney Frank ran a prostitution ring out of his apartment.

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