Friday, May 21, 2010

A Right Leaning Movie?

I haven't seen Robin Hood yet. I don't think I have seen a Robin Hood movie since 1973s Robin Hood, but after reading a few reviews and hearing a few reviews from people I respect, I think I'll watch it.

The story of Robin Hood is usually take from the rich to give to the poor, which is a message I can't get behind. This version of the movie seems to have turned things around a bit. According to one review I read, Robin is for individual rights and can be heard shouting things like "liberty!"

If the reviews have cast the movie in it's proper light, Ridley Scott seems to have come to his senses. Movies like 1492: Conquest of Paradise and Kingdom of Heaven seem to put those who are good and right people and organizations in a negative light. But recently, movies like Robin Hood and the pre-production Brave New World, seem to show that he has moved right down the political spectrum or at the most switched camps.

I don't pretend to know the mind of Mr. Scott and he's done so many movies that have had nothing to do with religion, history, or politics to make a guess on which camp he's in. I'm just happy that a movie is made that doesn't have a left-leaning ideology attached to it. 

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