Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Goracle Getting Divorced

Al Gore is getting divorced. After 40 years of marriage The Goracle and Tipper have decided to call it quits. There was no fooling around or funny business by either party, they just decided to stop.

This is a bad idea. I wasn't there for the ceremony, but I'm sure that they both promised they would be together "'till death do you part." Divorce is the next logical step in the life of a relationship these days: meet, date, court, marry, divorce.

Reason number two that this is a bad idea is because it facilitates global warming.

Gore isn't setting a very good example by getting divorced if you ask me. Nor is he being a good example by purchasing a hose on the California coast line. Aren't ocean levels supposed to rise to the point that California will be submerged Al?

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