Monday, October 26, 2009

The MESSiah Ties Former Pres. Bush For Rounds Of Golf Played In Office

SHHH. Don't tell anyone I'd rather golf than govern.

Barack H. Obama has tied the former president for most games of golf played while in office! Former President Bush played 24 rounds in office. President Obama has also played 24 rounds of golf while in office, but he has been in office only 9 months!
Now, do you hear much about it from the media? Not really. You can find an article here an there but Bush's down time was much more prone to attack.
This is a telling sign of his indifference to what is happening in Afghanistan, (he has only met with his commander on the ground in Afghanistan once since he took the post,) and the economy.
Where is the mainstream    
peripheral media?

What happened to the media's role as the fourth branch of government? They have all thrown out their journalistic morals and replaced them with a crush-based bias for Obama.

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