Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Obama is Disconnected

Obama laughs about the unemployment rate and the economy on 60 Minutes:

Obama give "shout outs" before addressing the Fort Hood murders:

There is something about him that is off . Link is busted due to updates on the site. Go here

Is he schizoid (a detached, asocial person)? Bipolar (manic depression)? Does he have a brain syndrome? What about Asperger's (high-functioning autism causing a defect in social skills)?

Is something wrong medically -- a hormone or blood-sugar imbalance, a head injury, too many drugs in his youth?

Or is his disconnect caused by damage from childhood, from being raised by freaky people?

Barack, Sr. was an abusive alcoholic and a bigamist. Obama's mother, like my former friend Barbara, made decisions about little Barry that showed little parental concern, like schlepping him to Indonesia, then back to the States, then wanting to return with him to Indonesia (he stayed with his grandparents).

Obama's grandfather Stanley was impulsive and volatile; he was expelled from high school for punching his principal.

Stanley weirdly named Obama's mother "Stanley" because he wanted a boy. He anointed Frank Marshall Davis, an alleged pedophile and avowed communist, as young Barry's mentor. In his autobiography, Obama reports feeling uncomfortable at having to listen to sexually charged, drunken trash-talk between Stanley and Frank.

All grown up, Obama remains hermetically sealed. Although he's been a media star for a couple of years, we have no idea who he is inside.

When I envision the youth of other public figures, my impressions are vivid:

Little Bill Clinton: people-pleaser, Mama's boy, showoff.

Young Hillary: brainiac, smartest girl in school, bossy.

W: wisecracker, class clown, smart-aleck.

McCain: impetuous, volatile, ornery.

Sarah: sweet, popular, every teacher's favorite, Miss Congeniality.

Young Barry: _________________. Blank

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