Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Obama concedes he hasn't brought country together

 Here's the article. I've put the highlights below.

President Barak Obama says he has not succeeded in bringing the country together, acknowledging an atmosphere of divisiveness that has washed away the lofty national feeling surrounding his inauguration a year ago.

          I can't believe it took him this long to admit that.

"That's what's been lost this year ... that whole sense of changing how Washington works," Obama said in an interview with People magazine.

         And next year and next year until 2012 unless you pull your head out.

Obama said people have "every right to feel deflated, because the economy was far worse than any of us expected." But he insisted that his government's economic steps in 2009 are paying off and that people should have confidence in this new year.


The president opted not to lower the grade he had given himself for his own performance in 2009 — a B-plus.

         He just got done telling us what a bad job hes been doing as President and how the politics of divisiveness would be a thing of the past but he won't lower the grade he gave himself less than a month ago?! 
What's with this guy?

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