Thursday, January 7, 2010

"We Want Go Back To GITMO!"

Some terrorists who were staying in Guantanamo Bay Cuba have been moved to an Illinois prison are think that the conditions are so bad there that they need to go back to GITMO. Remember GITMO? Where they are "treated like animals?" They didn't like Supermax, they don't like Thomson in Illinois, but they seem to like GITMO just fine.
Some detainees could even get their lawyers to figure out a way to get them back to where the sun shines so they can gain another 15 extra pounds eating their halal meals and watching their DVDs.
The left has rallied around the idea that the detainees are treated sooo badly in Cuba yet the detainees don't think so.
It's gonna be tough for Obama to keep his promise of closing down Guantanamo if even the terrorists are against it have find legal ways back in.

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